CSI uses Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems and Specialized Equipment to Inspect Environment, Facilities and Structures.


Effective fugitive emissions detection—gas or vapor—requires the most accurate and efficient tools to detect to the smallest amount of waste. We proudly use the DJI Matrice 300/ Zenmuse 30 camera and Laser Methane Detector utilizing Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy, coupled with an automated or semi-automated flight plan. The RPAS with unique design and sensor integration, dampens vibration and is wind resistant, improving stability for increased detection accuracy. The detector provides the concentration of detected gas in ppm/m.

This RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aviation System) is equipped with a powerful onboard computer and software that allows us to control the camera functions by radio control or by fully automated way-point flight controller. The Pilot in Command is always in control while surveilling your facilities. Images are both transmitted to us in real time and recorded (video and stills) for your convenience and your reporting requirements. Geo-referenced detection paths are identified and accurate leak location is recorded allowing for ease of relocating a specific area for remediation purposes.

A full report with a Quick Reference Summary lessens the difficulty level of all remediation. All anomalies are also Geo-referenced for ease of relocating for remediation purposes. A full video of the inspection is also supplied.


Aerial Thermography can detect malfunctioning components in electrical or mechanical equipment. Geo-referenced location allows for quick remediation. Thermographic imagery detects thermal radiation differences close or many hundred meters away. It also allows for accurate revisiting post-repair to verify the success of any repaired components.

Always stay in control while surveilling your facilities. Images are both transmitted to us in real time and recorded (video and stills) for your convenience and reporting requirements.


CSI Drone Operations offers Methane Detection on Pipeline Right of Ways and Facilities measured in either ppm/m, percentage/m or percentage of LEL with full video and GPS referencing. This is a very efficient way to inspect dangerous or difficult to access areas. Utilizing Laser Spectroscopy , CSI can detect methane from the air while recording video of the areas being inspected. 

Shown in the image below is a leak detected on a gas delivery pipeline.


  • Oil & Gas: Inspections can be done safely, removing the requirements of fall protection, breathing apparatus, pickers and man baskets, ladders, or putting people in extremely dangerous situations, or shutting down critical operations. Quick scans of areas can be performed to locate fugitive emissions or structural deficiencies for further investigation.
  • Pipeline Right of Way Inspections and Gas Leak Detection: Visual Inspections of Vegetation Overgrowth, Signage, Water Crossings, Erosion, as well as simultaneous Methane Leak Detection can be performed in areas that are dangerous, or inaccessible because of terrain, animals, or other elements restricting personnel to access.
  • Forestry: Detecting hot spots in brush piles, aerial views, and coverage count for reforestation.
  • Construction: Having an aerial view, time lapse photos, volume calculations, and 3D terrain mapping can give your managers the upper hand on estimating and executing your project efficiently. Project progression data can help avoid costly mistakes.
  • Real Estate: Aerial photos enhance sales by providing a full view of your property.
  • Insurance: Photos for Insurance records, or damage assessment can be provided quickly and safely.
  • Site Inspections: Assess vegetation encroachment, potential fire hazards, drainage issues, spill identification and containment. Perform a leak detection on a specific site to determine possible gas leaks or fugitive emissions.


  • Top of the line technical equipment that identifies even the most minute gas leaks and facility gas losses.
  • Experienced and conscientious inspection teams.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • A complete and comprehensive report with high definition/high-resolution videos and still pictures to reference exact location.
  • Proactive, preventative video reports identifying anomalies that may affect the continued operation and safety of your facility.
  • Safety of your personnel by not having them access unknown, possibly dangerous areas.
  • Improvement of Pipeline Right of Way Inspections and Leak Detection Scans. We can cover more ground in 1 day than 2 workers can cover in 3 days.
  • Safely perform inspections removing the human component from dangerous or potentially dangerous areas and/or situations.
  • Stop crop cross-contamination.
  • Access areas unable to be reached by ground under normal circumstances.
  • More accuracy than a fast-flying Aircraft at elevated altitudes.
  • Remove the hazards associated with Wild and Domestic animals.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • CSI detects gas at the ground level, while not having to fly through the gas plumb.
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